You guys, I appreciate that you “are on my side” but honestly, there’s really no side. He didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t do anything I shouldn’t have done. The breakup was mutual… We both thought that we would be better off as just friends. I mean seriously, we actually talk more when we’re just friends. He wanted to break up a while ago I believe, but he felt bad? So see? He is not a heartless person. If you guys are trying to make me feel better, I just want you to know you are doing a horrible job. Why? Well for starters, I’m not sad… But you guys are kinda brainwashing me into thinking I should be. Secondly, I still care about him. So by talking shit about him, you guys are only making me feel worse than I should. So please stop :) really, I am fine. I’m not hurt, I’m not sad, nor am I broken in anyway. :) I’m just a little stressed thanks to school :)

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